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Kyle Mohan's Big Crash - Formula D Las Vegas

Nexen Driver Kyle Mohan rocketed into the tire barrier this past weekend at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway  in one of the worst Formula D crashes seen in history (top four easily). Kyle checked into the hospital last night after feeling sore as a precaution but I spoke with his manager Efrain this morning and Kyle was cleared from the hospital without an issues. He is just sore from the crash that happened in the Top 16 last night. He also confirmed with me that the car is not totaled and will be repairable for Irwindale Speedway in October. I bet the KMR team is glad we don't have a September event! The car crashed due to a brake failure.

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Kyle Mohan Crashes Going Over 100mph Into Tire Wall at LVMS

This one is going to hurt as you sit and watch Kyle Mohan make contact at triple digit speeds (103mph was the estimation given by Formula Drift) as he contacted the wall in his Mazda Rx-8. As we reported yesterday Kyle was cleared by medical without problems and just some soreness from the wreck. This is the best angle you can find of his huge accident against Michael Essa in the Top 16.