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Rewarding Our Valued Dealers

The Nexen “NEXT LEVEL” dealer program is designed to be a simple way to reward our valued dealers for their loyalty to our brand and to provide them opportunities for future growth and profitability. Our program is focused on the most important reward responsible for driving your business…CASH! Next Level offers generous cash back rewards paid out quarterly on all Nexen patterns, as well as a lucrative volume bonus structure paid out based on annual units purchased. We have even added a little twist that just might change a few people’s lives as well. Check it out!


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Cash Back Rewards

The Next Level program makes it easy for dealers to earn rewards when buying Nexen branded tires. Instead of multi-tiered programs where volume forecasts or commitments are required to earn at higher tiers, the Next Level program pays out everybody the same base cash back. As long as you are purchasing an average of 100 units per quarter, you will get paid. All Nexen Tire patterns are eligible for rewards.


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Annual Volume Bonus

This is where the dollars really start to add up. The more tires that are purchased the larger the rewards are back to the dealer. If a dealer qualifies for the Next Level base payout by purchasing 100 units per quarter, then they automatically receive the first tier of volume bonus as well. As the volume purchased gets larger, so do the bonus amounts. Dealers with multiple locations can combine purchases to reach higher tiers.







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