• N'Fera SUR4G Extreme Ultra High-Performance tire set to help Nexen’s Formula DRIFT drivers dominate this year’s competition circuit
  • Roadian MTX Xtreme Off-Road tires are the official off-road tire supplied to Nexen Tire Motorsports drivers for King of the Hammers, Ultra4 Racing and Championship Off Road
  • Nexen Tire will be sponsoring the 99th year Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

DIAMOND BAR, Calif., (April 30, 2021) Nexen Tire Motorsports, powerhouse global manufacturer of N’Fera SUR4G street-legal tires used in PRO 1 Formula DRIFT competition, today announced the beginning of its 2021 U.S. motorsports program, which includes supporting Nexen Tire Motorsports drivers across Formula DRIFT, King of the Hammers, Ultra4 Racing series, Championship Off-Road Racing and Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Each year, Nexen Tire Motorsports continues to build its competitive racing program by supplying N'Fera SUR4G Extreme Ultra High-Performance tires and Roadian MTX Xtreme Off-Road tires to high-caliber, championship-winning and podium-finishing drivers. Nexen Tire Motorsports drivers enter this season with high expectations of earning top finishes across multiple racing series.

Formula DRIFT

The 2021 Formula DRIFT season kicks off with "Road to the Championship" in Atlanta, May 7-8, and will commence Nexen Tire Motorsports' competitive racing program. This year, Nexen Tire Motorsports has identified a combination of new and returning drivers, and just like in previous years, every vehicle is equipped with N’Fera SUR4G Extreme Ultra High-Performance tires.

2021 Nexen Tire Motorsports Formula DRIFT PRO 1 drivers include:

  • Ken Gushi (Toyota Supra)
  • Trent Beechum (Ford Mustang)
  • Taylor Hull (Cadillac ATS-V)
  • Yves Meyer (BMW 2 Series)
  • Joshua Reynolds (BMW 2 Series)
  • Federico Sceriffo (Ferrari 599)
  • Brandon Sorensen (BMW 2 Series)
  • Dean Kearny (Dodge Viper)

Off-Road Racing Events

Nexen Tire Motorsports has also expanded its off-road racing program for 2021, which includes supplying two teams with Roadian MTX Xtreme Off-Road tires for Championship Off-Road Racing events, Ultra4 Racing series and the legendary King of the Hammers.

Nexen Tire Motorsports off-road teams include:

  • Kevin Jones of Ultra4Jones
    • Jones is competing in the Ultra 4 Racing series which kicked off in January with the King of the Hammers in Johnson Valley – His 37-inch Roadian MTX Xtreme Off-Road tires helped Jones finish 11th in class after qualifying in 29th position
  • Kevin Hanegraaf of Allies of Autism
    • Hanegraaf will compete in the PRO 2 class in the Championship Off-Road series using 35-inch Roadian MTX Xtreme Off-Road tires

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC)

Nexen Tire Motorsports has also signed a two-year agreement with Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, which includes supplying one team with N’Fera SS01 full-slick tires for a LoveFab Enviate Hypercar. Sponsorship of PPIHC also includes Nexen Tire as the trophy sponsor of Time Attack #1 Division.

"We are extremely excited to return to motorsports this year after having limited involvement during the COVID-19 pandemic last year," said Paul Jho, motorsports senior manager at Nexen Tire America Inc. "During that downtime, we worked hard to identify the right set of drivers to best represent the Nexen Tire brand, and we’re thrilled to continue growing our racing program in Formula DRIFT, two different types of off-road racing and the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. In addition, we are also supporting Allies of Autism to increase the awareness of families dealing with Autism. We are confident our drivers will have successful seasons filled with wins and podium finishes.”

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